“Good to go!!!”

Ma Duce Gunner is back in Iraq.

And it’s Time to Ride:

Then it happens. “Mount UP!!!!!” cries the Lieutentant, and circles of men scatter, striding quickly to their modern day up-armored chariots. The ‘riiiiiiiip’ of velcro can be heard, from body armor being adjusted and re-adjusted and thin, sturdy tactical gloves donned, the ‘snap’ of plastic buckles being connected, and gunners clamoring onto the roofs of their gunships. “Good to go!!!” can be heard throughout the motor pool, over slamming doors and idling engines, as final crew checks are done.

“RedCon 1” comes over the radio, as the truck commanders check in with the Platoon leader. All is ready. Armor is on, ammo ready to be loaded into clean weapons, radios constantly chattering.

“Renegades, this is Renegade 6, follow my move.” The truck lurches forward as we pull out of our spot and into line. The dust fills my nostrils as we move; I grip the handles of Mama Deuce for stability… I am back, and it is time to ride. I love this stuff.