“Hang on, I wanna try something!”

Russian paratrooper saves falling friend

Is this for real?

A Russian paratrooper will be decorated for valour after he caught hold of a comrade whose chute failed to open and steered him to the ground by his straps, the military said on Monday.

The incident happened when the soldiers became entangled in their parachute lines while jumping from a plane during joint exercises with Chinese forces that ended last last week.

One managed to deploy his emergency parachute and held on to the other until they touched down.

“Both guys showed the best qualities of Russian airborne troops – skill, native wit and courage,” said the deputy commander of the Russian ground forces, Colonel-General Vladimir Moltenskoi.

How did he manage to hold on when deploying the reserve?

And joint Russian-Chinese paratrooper exercises gotta make everyone feel real good…(via FR)


  1. I believe this sort of incident has occurred before. It’s rare, but occasionally, you eat the bear!

  2. MO, I’m not getting my undies knotted over the Sino-Rooskie exercises. I don’t believe anything their media outlets or government ministries say. Especially when they’re the same thing. All the stuff about joint approaches to combatting terrorism and whatnot is bolocks. Even developing a certain level of interoperability is probably a stretch. What would be the point of such cooperation? As best I can tell, these exercises are simply an opportunity for the Dragon and the Bear to see firsthand how the other does business.

  3. MO, Most likely, they had a partial malfunction that meant that they didn’t have enough lift capability to land safely, but enough to not be a total lawn dart. The one parachute could have twisted around the other canopy, resulting in the partial lift situation. Since the one canopy was twisted around the other, holding onto each other was a secondary means of keeping the parachutists together under the one good canopy. The parachutist with the partial lift canopy could have deployed his reserve while the other parachutist was holding on and also attached by the tangled canopy. I hope that makes a possible scenario clear. Believe it or not, mid-air entanglements is a standard topic covered during pre-jump training prior to every single airborne operation in the US Army.

  4. Geeklethal, I forgot to mention – the article was probably first published in Prava, which means ‘truth.’ Come on, how much more honest can you get besides that!

  5. the post didn’t say which paratrooper had the vodka. i assume it would be the one with the bad chute. the post also didn’t say what type of vodka was involved. did i miss sumthink?