More on the doctor who called his patient obese

In last Friday’s Linkzookery I noted that a patient claimed that her doctor was “hurtful, not helpful” when he told her she was obese. As is often the case, there is more to it than that:

Doctor accused of racial remark to fat patient

Seems to me that it would have been nice if the initial news reports would have included anything about what the patient was actually complaining about, but that’s just me. I’m an amateur, so what do I know about real journalism?

Anyway, I guess it’s going to come down to what can be proven, though the patient’s complaint, an earlier complaint against him, and his remarks regarding the earlier incident make him sound like a bit of a jerk.

No doubt some will gleefully point out that I’ve now contradicted my earlier position.


  1. If he had said: ‘Holy tapdancing Jesus you’re fat! Calling you a fat cow is an insult to fat cows. I’ve known sperm whales skinnier than you. Does the state DoT require you to have yellow blinkers and a horn that beeps when you back up before they allow you on the street? Scientists are gonna have to redefine spherical thanks to you. I think all those starving are your fault. You’re eating their food you gluttinous hog. Maybe if you stop feeding your face, go on a starvation diet and walk a bit ten years from now you might only be pudgy. You’re a fat cow, lady; and if you don’t shed some of that lard, you’re going to die a fat cow and no one will love you,’ Well, that would have been hurtful, not helpful. What he said was decent medical advice.

  2. Toejam and Myster Poster: I’m generally opposed to PC talk…as is this doctor, if you’ve read any of his quotes. I’m all for calling ’em as I see ’em, but *sheesh*.