Just think what it would have done to a DD(X)

Katrina sinks battleship?

Donald Sensing notes that the battleship ALABAMA (Ret.) is listing. Pic at the link above.

For what it’s worth, the ‘Bama ain’t gonna sink. But the park was severely damaged.

Also, the new USS KIDD (DDG-100) was damaged in the shipyard where it’s nearing completion. The USS SAN ANTONIO (LPD-17) is being used as a shelter and command post by shipyard personnel. The LPD-17 was mentioned previously on MO.

Meanwhile, the carrier USS HARRY S. TRUMAN and the landing ship (dock) USS WHIDBEY ISLAND are enroute to the disaster area. We saw in January how big of an impact these ships can have in a disaster area.

Go Navy!


  1. You could never know what the storm did. The DD(X) is too ‘stealthy’ to be targeted by the storm and even if it was, the hundred dollar bill bales used as armor would protect it.