Gee, ya think?

U.S. troops abroad to stay put despite hurricane


There will be no large-scale shifting of U.S. troops from Iraq and Afghanistan to help with disaster relief in Louisiana and Mississippi, a U.S. Central Command spokesman said Thursday.

Well, as they say, D’uh!

What’s really sad is that many are going to question this decision.

The article also notes that the Louisiana National Guard’s 256th Enhanced Separate Brigade were preparing to return to its base in Lafayette, LA within weeks. They are already in the process of redeployment, and they will not be rushed back.


Most Americans identify the National Guard with providing emergency services during natural disasters. But in the past three years, numerous Guard units have been sent to Iraq to fight alongside regular forces.

But also like most Americans who thought that the military was all about college money, sooner or later you’ve got to learn that perception ain’t necessarily reality.

Short of Guard personnel because so many are deployed? Maybe if we hadn’t cut so many Army divisions during the 90s we wouldn’t be needing so many Guard units in Iraq. Just a thought.


  1. I continue to be amazed that at least one of those 8 active duty Divisions cut in the 90’s is not being re-built. Instead of transitioning existing brigades to Strykers, why not keep our heavy and light Infantry as-is and build up the medium Stryker brigades from scratch? Once 3 brigades are built, organize as a Division (say the 5th Infantry Division). If they do not want all Strykers, they can swap at the brigade or battalion levels with existing units. That being said, we have plenty of manpower to handle the crisis if there is no B.S. over jurisdictions and domestic rules. For instance, the Headquarters Battalion of the 4th Marine Division is in based New Orleans, however Marine Reservists are not generally used for domestic missions. I have a military bus driver’s license and I’m surprised my First Sergeant has not called yet.