Friday Cat Blogging – F7F Tigercat

Today we have the F7F. I wasn’t at all familiar with this cat until I saw one at the Kalamazoo Air Zoo.


Image from War Bird Registry’s Tigercat page.


  1. Are you going to run out of ‘cats eventually – or do you think you’ll be able to rotate through new pictures of ‘cats you’ve already posted, eventually? Out of curiousity, who started this, and why? 🙂

  2. Nicholas: Yep, there are only so many ‘Cats to blog. I plan to keep going, though, with other images of planes already covered. Plus ‘Cat-related stuff may make the cut from time to time, as well. This started because ‘Friday Cat Blogging’ is one of those stupid blog meme things where everyone posts cute pictures of kitties at the end of each week. Yeah, it makes me retch, too. So Murdoc’s cat blogging is targeting Murdoc’s readers. And I point out the source of the image as a way to note cool picture collections. If anyone has a favorite cat pic and a link to a great source of images that MO readers would appreciate, be sure to pass it on…

  3. This was a primarily Marine plane, if I am not mistaken. After you are out of cats, go to Cobras. Bell will keep you busy.