What you talkin’ ’bout Jesse?

Calling Katrina survivors ‘refugees’ stirs debate
Jesse Jackson, other critics say word carries racist implications

Give me a break:

Many, including The Associated Press, have used “refugee” to describe those displaced by the wrath of Hurricane Katrina.

But the choice has stirred anger among some readers and other critics, particularly in the black community. They have argued that “refugee” implies that the displaced storm victims, many of whom have been black, are second-class citizens — or not even Americans.

“It is racist to call American citizens refugees,” the Rev. Jesse Jackson said, visiting the Houston Astrodome on Monday.

According to M-W:

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  1. I hate people. I mean, I really hate people. The older I get, the more I learn about people, and the more I hate them. You know life is *GOOD* when this is the sort of thing that is worth your life’s energy to get worked up about. And people like this aren’t even aware of how good they have it, because they’re so busy being angry that everyone else is not doing exactly what they want, and how they want it. This whole disaster has brought to light what a horrible, horrible society we have in a lot of very important ways. I hope more positive stories start overtaking these stories as time goes on.

  2. Yeah people suck alright. Why don’t they try doing something useful instead of wasting everyone’s time like this guy? Here’s a nonsensical rhyme I came up with for no good reason: Jesse Jackson sitting in a tree. R E F U G E E. What makes him act so silly? Ask him mate ’cause it beats me… Misanthrope mode disengaged.