Tal Afar ops continue

Iraq army: 200 insurgents arrested in Tal Afar

150 of the insurgents apparently aren’t Iraqi. This battle isn’t getting much attention, and between Hurriblame Katrina and the US/Iraqi success so far, I don’t expect that to change a whole lot.

Apparently insurgents have video of a Bradley being destroyed by a bomb, though, so that may prick up the ears of the media.

As far as I’m concerned, the lengthy, methodical campaign near the Syrian border that’s been going on for the past several months is far more significant than most media reports indicate, both in the ferocity of the fighting and the importance of what’s at stake.

Also: American hostage Roy Hallums, 57, was rescued off a tip after ten months in captivity near Baghdad.. The tipster himself had been captured only hours earlier. More at the WaPo.


  1. What do they call it when one takes pleasure from another’s suffering? Shadenfreude? Sounds like these ‘Insurgents’ have that in spades. ‘Wow, look how great we are, we can blow stuff up. Buildings, vehicles, civilians. We’re so proud of it we’re sending the videos to CNN!’ These guys need some *serious* psychiatric help. It must be some kind of inadequacy complex that makes them feel they have to behave this way.