I flipped on FoxNews last night to see what the TV coverage (if any) of the 9/11 anniversary was like. Brit Hume and his group were going over some Fox poll numbers.

One result was

Do you think the economic outlook for your family is improving? (I’m paraphrasing) Answering YES were:

42% Now
37% In June
26% Last September

Mara Liason observed that the 42% is proof that Americans don’t support Bush’s economic policy. Brit Hume pointed out that it was a pretty good trend over the past year, but she would have none of it.

I’ll agree that 42% is a far cry from a glowing endorsement. I’ll also agree that the economy could use a little more work. But to portray these numbers, and the trend since last year, as an example of failure is disingenuous and misleading. I’d be curious to see what the trend looks like going back to September 12th, 2001.