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Buffalo Roams Military Supply Routes

Here’s your regularly-scheduled Buffalo story. Quality seems to be slipping a bit, though:

The Buffalos are designed for navigation on rough or “difficult to negotiate” terrain and are very similar to Bradley fighting vehicles with the exception of a few components and abilities. [emphasis mine]

Let’s review.



I made sure to label them so you can tell them apart.


  1. I don’t think anyone should write reports on military affairs unless they’ve done a tour. This is one good example MO, and well executed on your poart. But we all know it’s a drop in the armored bucket. My pet peeve was always oh-so-smart journos who can’t even bother to get the name of the unit they’re talking about right. Do you know how many articles I’ve seen that talk about the 125th MP Division or some such imaginary unit? Well do you?!

  2. Geeklethal: OK, how many? How many?! How many articles have I seen with imaginary units?! MO: something like 36… Geeklethal: What?! Does that include this one?! MO: 37… Geeklethal: Oh my God, I feel so nauseous…

  3. It’s like I’m seeing double! (Why do I feel like this comment thread is turning into a dialogue from a Lucasarts adventure game?) By the way, I’m selling these fine leather jackets…