Singapore chooses F15

Singapore’s RSAF Decides to Fly Like An Eagle

A deal worth more than $1 billion to buy F15E Strike Eagles is in the final stages of clarification with Boeing. This is not only good for Boeing and everyone in general as the F15 lines will remain open, but it’s significant because the choice to go Eagle was made over Dassault’s Rafale, which has yet to receive a single export order. This isn’t good news for France:

The Rafale program was always dependent on some level of foreign orders to help finance its ongoing modernization and upgrade plans. If that option continues to fail, France’s budget constraints could leave the Rafale falling steadily behind even its 4th Generation peers, in a vicious spiral that further crimps export opportunities.

Back when France was still part of the Eurofighter consortium, their rigid insistence on their own specifications and on deciding all work-sharing unilaterally forced a parting of the ways. While French requirements really were quite specific, the decision has thus far proven to be a very expensive one.

For an extensive, fact-filled, and link-rich post on this subject, go read DID.


  1. This is not only good for Boeing and everyone in general as the F15 lines will remain open…’ Yeah, but those lines are empty of workers at the moment, aren’t they?

  2. This is very interesting. My understanding is that the Rafale has some strengths: * Efficient high-speed cruise * Heavy load-carrying capability for its size and weight * Excellent range for its size and weight * Small radar signature for its capabilities The F-15E is a bigger brute of a plane. It seems to me that the Rafale is the ‘finesse’ solution to the attack/strike problem, while the F-15E is the ‘brute force’ solution. Kind of like comparing an American muscle car to a French sports car 🙂 I can see why you could choose either one quite happily. I wonder if it was the electronics that sold the Singaporeans over, or the more proven nature of the beast. Anyone with naval aviation ambitions would probably want to look closely at the Rafale. Hmmmm. I wonder if it wouldn’t be a pretty good aircraft for US carriers. (I think this has been mentioned here before).