Friday Linkzookery – 16 Sep 2005

Gimme another shot of this beer
Beer that’s 25.4% alcohol and served in a shot glass. Leave it to the Germans…

Iraq Border Fort
You’ve got to see it to believe it.

Google Earth threatens democracy
I think there’s something to this. Maybe we should only get low-res shots of US and allied military installations, and super-high res shots of everyone else.

Sun Has Binary Partner, May Affect The Earth
No, not a Sun-Oracle alliance or anything.

Don’t tell me our enemies won’t figure out how to use this against us.

Mice Carrying Plague Vanish From Lab
What could possilby go wrong? Defense Tech has more.

Strikes in the Sunni Triangle
Fourth Rail continues its excellent US/Iraqi offensive coverage.

A (nearly) Forgotten Anniversary from the Forgotten War
GeekLethal notes Inchon.

House of Pain
Buckethead on the 17th Amendment and such.

Bright Star
Also here and here.

Solar Minimum Explodes
Probably either because we didn’t sign Kyoto or it’s Bush’s fault.

Making FEMA a First Responder
Baseball Crank hits the nail on the head.