“If you want to stay, that’s fine…but your home is going to Chicago.”

HUD Unveils New Orleans Housing Concept

The best Scrappleface in a long time.

Also, Mayor Nagin Blames Bush for Lower Body Count isn’t too shabby.


  1. Since the president takes the blame when people ignore evacuation orders, we’re making it tougher to ignore them,’ er …How would the evacuees know it was not yet another false-alarm? Evacuate to which -willing- communities? In what transporation? With what money or other stuff? What do they do when the routes are blocked by unfriendly police? At most one can blame the adults for choosing to live in disaster prone areas which are dificult to evacuate from. But it seems to me that all responsible parties have a lot of blame on their plates.

  2. yes, but I am getting some odd impressions from it. Ones which set me off in a bad mood. and yeah I know that SF is there for amusement value, I am simply not amused by the whole affaire.