Looking weird

I am going to be upgrading and playing with the templates and layouts and whatnot this evening.


UPDATE: Okay. That was perhaps the greatest and most monumental failure I’ve ever experienced while working on this site. And that’s saying something.

I think everything’s back to where it was. Let me know if you come across anything weird.


  1. Look. I told you not to panic. I’ve got to upgrade to new template styles and then get back to where I was. You gave me like, two minutes. I said ‘Don’t Panic’, and it was written in large friendly letters.

  2. I never panic, as long as I know where my towel is. :^}’ errr, chris…. I never panic till I tealize there’s no toilet paper on the roll and the nearest spare is in the downstairs closet and I’m the only one home! G

  3. Toejam, I hear the New York Times is thick and absorbent. Oh wait, it’s already full of shit, that won’t work. 😉 Actually, there are some parts of the NYT which aren’t total rubbish but it’s hard to wade through the usual MSM trite to get to them. I just can’t think of any other newspaper names to make fun of. Newsweek Magazine is too glossy I suppose.