Try this under the Taliban


Dean Esmay shows another Afghan woman voting and writes:

For some in America, this is the face of the enemy: because she’s a muslim.

For some in the fascist-islamist world, this is the face of the enemy: because she’s a voter.

Some see no irony in that.

By the way, she’s voting under a Constitution that enshrines Islam in their system of law to a greater extent than Iraq’s Constitution. Yet some say Iraq’s Constitution is a disaster and a complete abrogation of American values because it gives lip service to Islam. Many of the same people applaud Afghanistan’s Constitution and elections because it creates “Islamic democracy.”

Some see no irony in that either.

UPDATE: Smash has more pics plus links to coverage from Afghan bloggers.


  1. She’s not just a ‘voter’ she’s a ‘woman voter’ in a staunchly old school muslim country. Good for her! And all the people who enabled her to get there to vote. The concept that we can go into foreign countries, especially Arab/Central Asian Muslim ones, and strap on a carbon copy of our Democracy and societal values is ludicrous. Nor is it desireable. One of the great things about democracy is it’s elasticity, the way it fits over many cultural values and differences (have you taken a close look at some of the Central European democracies structure lately?) while maintaining it’s core idea (giving the widest number of people a say in the governance of themselves and their country). So emerging democracies of Iraq & the Stan have an Arab/Central Asian and Muslim flavor. They should, and good for them! They’re not the USA, nor should they be. Their democracies and societies, like ours will evolve over time anyway, at their own pace, as ours has.