Friday Linkzookery – 23 Sep 2005

Thrillseekers scout out forbidden urban sites
This isn’t anything new, but still interesting.

Mysterious ‘stealth’ boat plying Columbia River
An old news story on the stealth speedboat I noted in June.

A trillion barrels of oil?
Austin Bay on the potential of shale. I’ve long wondered about this. I’m pro-nuke for electricity, but no matter how many electric cars and alternative-fuel power plants we build, we’re going to need petroleum to fly and for the military.

I don’t know what to make of the British military raid on a Basra prison
Defense Tech has lots of links.

How many other ways can nature corncob us?
The title alone is worth a link, but Minister Buckethead points us to various disaster scenarios.

Revisting Samarra
Fourth Rail on the first Stryker Brigade’s first stomping ground and what happens when you don’t follow up.

Second Time’s the Charm
Expat Yank continues to keep an eye on the Orange Revolution.

U.S. Defense Spending Is Actually Shrinking
I was just wondering about this the other day.

Billion dollars plundered from Iraq’s military
AlJazeera has the scoop.

Mars getting warmer, may have quakes
The only cars on Mars are solar powered.

Air Force microsatellite passes key first tests
XSS-11 successfully completes series of orbital rendezvous maneuvers

Marines in Spaaaaaace!
Anyone here remember STARBLAZERS? More here.

The “New Waveland Cafe”
Links and such about Waveland and Gulfport, Mississippi, which took the brunt of Katrina.

Pentagon Student Database Another Example of the Government’s Out-of-Control Information Grab, ACLU Says
You all know I’m no fan of the ACLU. You all know I’m very pro-military and eager for our armed forces to increase in size and get the best recruits that they can. But this might be stretching the limits a bit far. I’d like more details, but on the surface it looks a bit shady to me.

DARPA’s Walrus: Goo goo g’joob
I’ve wanted to do a bigger post on this, but I can see that I’m just not going to get to it. Check it out.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg lobbies for O’Connor’s replacement
Doesn’t sound like the sort of post that would make you laugh, does it? But you’re wrong.

The errors must have slipped in under the radar
A Shark Tank story I meant to link to about ten months ago.

Rocket launch paints sky with breath-taking scene
Better go look. Seen first-hand by Armed Liberal at WoC.

N. Korea Urges U.S. to Give Reactor for Nuclear Program
Seems terribly familiar. Maybe it’s from the plot of a bad movie? Or is it just a late-night re-run?

732 Running the Deck
Photos and basic descriptions of an A4 Skyhawk from launch to recovery and back to launch aboard the USS John F Kennedy. A sort of “Friday Catapult Blogging” entry.


  1. I think it would be better (not best) if an equivalent capacity of wind and solar power generation equipment were given to NK, along with a note to NK to eliminate their nuke weapons if they really want the LWReactor.

  2. I don’t know what to make of the British military raid on a Basra prison’ I do believe a couple of SAS lads were ordered to Terminate an Iraqi turncoat: ‘With extreme prejudice’ and wound up screwing the pooch!