Don’t forget VII

Two years ago today, which of course was a Monday, I couldn’t shut up at work about my trip to Chicago two days before to check out Apocalypse Now! Redux and the fact that downtown Chicago had been packed with police officers. “Is the Pope in town?” I had kept joking as we came across cops at every intersection.

Also, the night before my wife and I had watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s (how much more unlike Apocalypse Now! can you get?) and I had said to her during a wide shot of the NYC skyline “I think New York looked prettier without the World Trade Center.” I still feel a little guilty for saying that, although to do so is not rational.

Monday afternoon I noticed a little story in my local newspaper (remember those?) about an Afghan leader being assassinated over the weekend, but I only skimmed the first couple of paragraphs. Afghanistan was a nation in name only, and I didn’t really see how unrest there could have any importance to me now that the Soviets were gone. I recalled it the next day and wondered if that could have had anything to do with what I was watching on TV and the internet.

The little things you remember.