More on those elections you didn’t hear about

First, Blackfive is the master of understatement: The Elections in Afghanistan haven’t been covered by the media very well. That statement would be more accurate if the last two words were removed.

Next, Fourth Rail has a post on the Toothless Taliban:

Afghanistan is the former haven of al Qaeda and the model Islamist state for al Qaeda’s desired Caliphate. The Taliban has vowed it would disrupt the elections. Yet all it could accomplish was a series of small engagements that can accurately be described as harassment attacks. Not a single attack achieved the desired result of disrupting the election, closing a polling place or intimidating the Afghan people from voting…This is not power, but impotence. The Taliban may have an underground ‘army’ and access to Pakistan’s chaotic tribal regions, but their ability to influence day to day events and their relevance in the future of Afghanistan diminishes yearly.

It’s not that the bad guys aren’t trying. They’re just not gittinerdone.

Gateway Pundit notes an attempt to blow a major dam on the eve of the election. He also notes that Legacy Media ran and re-ran stories about the death and destruction that would result if US forces accidentally destroyed the dam during fighting in 2001 after the United Nations complained about it. Little media notice and no UN outcry after terrorists tried to intentionally destroy the dam during elections.


  1. Seems like an appropriate motto for the MSM would be: ‘None of the news that’s fit to print, but some that isn’t.’