Oink, oink

porkbusters.jpgOkay, so the logo is a bit goofy.

But if you click on it you will find a handy list of every US senator and representative, organized by state, and the amount of pork in their state that they’ve committed to cut in order to help cover the cost of the Great New Orleans Bailout.

So far, California representative Nancy Pelosi is the ONLY ONE to have committed to anything.

That, my friends, is P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C. Grudgingly, I must give the whacko some credit on this one.

In Murdoc’s humble opinion, we shouldn’t need a reason to cut pork. But the astoundingly massive amount of money being pledged to Katrina relief simply staggers the imagination, and if the size of the check gives us an excuse to trim the fat a bit in other areas, let’s take advantage of it.


  1. Okay, game on. I hope every member of Congress participates. I assumed that Pelosi was going to propose deactivating the 1st Marine Division and selling Camp Pendleton. It looks like she proposed cutting some real pork – why the hell should my taxes ever fund California highways? Then again, why $200 Billion for New Orleans. How about we cut all the pork and stimulate growth with tax cuts?

  2. Don’t be dissappointed when this doesn’t go anywhere, y’all. I support Porkbuster’s goals but it just won’t work the way we all hope. Americans resent coerced ‘gifting’ and they dearly want the hard-fought federal dollars to come home to their own districts. But the real deal-killer is that opportunistic politicians will use this public effort as just another forum for empty public posturing. The public, cyber-based campaign plays to a poseur’s vanity, while relying on shame to guarantee the check. Oh, and someone should point out that Nancy Pelosi’s participation is NOT a selling point, and it should not be trumpeted. Seriously, if we really wanted to skewer pork-barrel spending, we’d get the Feds out of all state-level projects like ‘relief’ and roads improvements: ya know – self-governing states in a loose federal system. -Steve