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Incredible Adventures – Urban Ops

If you’ve got some extra cash to throw around needlessly, maybe this is for you. It’s a three-day immersion course where you train for urban combat operations. Training includes pistol training, carbine training, close quarter battle tactics with Simunitions (paintball-like training ammunition fired from modified real weapons), rappelling training, and night ops training. The whole thing concludes with a major rescue mission.

I’m not sure about the price, but the Land Warfare course is $3495.

Incredible Adventures also offers Edge of Space flight (in a MiG-25), Cosmonaut Training, Shark Adventures, and Air Combat Adventures.

I happened across Space Adventures some time back while searching for info on the MiG-25. People with access to the right hardware in Russia are working hard to become rich.

And the pic is from the gallery, but it looks like a .50 cal sniper rifle to me. They don’t mention sniper training. It looks to me like that girl is picturing her ex-boyfriend at a range of about 500 meters.