Friday Linkzookery – 30 Sep 2005

Linkzookery is a bit thin this week. Feel free to link to cool stuff in the comments or to trackback this post with posts you think MO readers will be interested in.

Also, I’d like to include trackbacks in the main post (like Wizbang does, for instance), but only for Linkzookery posts. That way I could work at getting Linkzookery to turn into a sort of “carnival” weekly feature and bring even more coolness to MO readers. It seems that there should be a way to do this, but I cannot figure it out. Anyone out there have any ideas?

Anyway, on to the Linkzookery:

The Dark Magic of Oil Sands
Another source of oil oil. I’m all for alternatives to petroleum, and I think that nuclear/solar/hydrogen/ethanol/bio-diesel/mrfusion is going to be critical, but alternative sources of oil become viable at certain prices and they’ll work with existing infrastructure.

Apollo 18 is GO!
Via Buckethead.

More $$$ for CVN-21
Should be named USS AMERICA, by the way.

US Army goes shopping for anthrax
What could possilby go wrong?

How We Built the Quintessential Sentry Gun
The kids of these guys will build the weapons in the cut scenes from ALIENS.

United Kingdom Aerospace and Weapons Projects
Cool site.

Iraqi film fest reveals psyches bruised by war


  1. Just wanted to comment on something I heard on the TV ‘news’. The anchor woman said something like: ‘.. later, a report from experts on suicide bombings in Iraq – will they ever end?’ (said in a sad sort of voice) made me think.. why isn’t there a report on experts on suicide bombings in Western countries and whether they will ever end? We don’t have nearly the level of chaos created by the events of the last 30 or so years of brutality that they have in Iraq and yet we are still worried about it happening in our own territory. Does that perhaps say something about the difficulties we are facing?