Okay…are any bloggers NOT going to see SERENITY tomorrow evening?

I’ve been confirmed to screen the new film SERENITY tomorrow, as has the rest of the blogosphere.

All I have to do is exactly what they want me to do, which is link to the Serenity site and post this poorly-written synopsis:

Joss Whedon, the Oscar


  1. I’m gonna be reading a good book Titled:’The Burma Road’ by Donovan Webster… ISBN 0 330 42703 2 If you’re interested in plain old fiction/adventure/warplanes I recommend Dale Brown’s: ‘The Flight of the Old Dog’. TV is for the birds!

  2. So what??!! Are you saying Alien Resurrection wan’t the best sci fi sequel ever made??!! There’s gonna be trouble, dude! LOL!

  3. I agree, reading beats most TV… but I don’t think Dale Brown books are that great. I have probably 6 Dale Brown books, maybe more, and I’ve read most of them, but I’ve been tempted to put them down at times. Mostly due to repetativeness (especially between books), melodrama and his stretching my suspension of disbelief to breaking point. To me, they read basically like some kind of military nerd’s wet dream 🙂 I enjoyed James W. Houston’s ‘Flashpoint’ much more, as well as most of Tom Clancy’s books (a couple were snoozers and a couple suffered from some of what I mentioned above). I thought Red Storm Rising and Hunt For Red October were pretty good. ‘Flashpoint’ is the only book I have from Houston and I’ve never seen any other of his books for sale but I’m pretty tempted to find someone who I can mail order the rest from. I just found his web site: jameswhouston.com If you’re in the mood for something a bit lighter, I recommend some Dick Francis. Can’t beat a good crime novel 🙂

  4. The show really was *quite* good. The question to my mind is whether the movie will live up to it and still be enjoyable by people who aren’t familiar with the show.

  5. Dean: I’ve heard good things about Firefly, though I don’t know the first thing about it. I’ll be one of the ‘aren’t familiar with the show’ types, and I’m purposefully not checking into Firefly at all so that I go in to the film with a clean slate. We’ll see.

  6. Nicholas, You’re correct about the author Dale Brown. I thought his first book: ‘The Flight of the Old Dog’ was probably his only halfway decent book. The rest went down hill pronto.