I’m still not believing this

France Heat Wave Death Toll at 15,000

This just seems beyond reason to me. I didn’t believe it when they said 3,000 were dead. I really didn’t believe it when 10,000 were dead.

The new estimate came after the government on Monday released a report blaming the deaths on hospital understaffing, bureaucratic delays and insufficient care for the elderly.

But I thought this was the model for “free” national health care.

The government is considering eliminating a national holiday to raise revenues for elderly care.

So that will get them down to, what, nineteen national holidays left per year? How are they going to manage when working those 35-hour work weeks?

Gilles Brucker, director of the Health Surveillance Institute, disputed the report’s assertion that the institute failed to perform as it was supposed to as temperatures rose dangerously high.

The institute “did all that it was asked,” Brucker was quoted as saying in an interview published Tuesday in Le Parisien newspaper. He added that he would not resign because his organization committed “no major faults.”

I guess I’d hate to see a major fault, then.

Brucker also said France needs a heat wave plan because no one was prepared for such a “catastrophe.” Let’s send them our Department of Homeland Defense (along with their color-coded warning system). Maybe that’s a “catastrophe” the DHS could manage.

And as for the holidays? Apparently family members of dead people were difficult to get in touch with due to the entire country being on vacation for a month. I’d say there are too many holidays to begin with. But that’s just me.

BTW, I still don’t believe that 15,000 figure.