Grand Rapids resident now US citizen

He served country; now he can join it

GR Press:

For Vincent Corazza, this day was a long time coming.

More than 20 years after he escaped communist Vietnam, five years after joining the Army National Guard and four years after applying for citizenship, he is becoming an American citizen.

“I always felt like I’ve been an American,” said the 28-year-old Grand Rapids resident. “What I think the feeling is is relief.”

He had joined the National Guard without a green card, which isn’t allowed. That fact messed up his attempts to become a US citizen.

His journey toward citizenship began in 1982, when his mother put him in a canvas-covered boat to smuggle him out of Vietnam.

I wonder how many people sneak out of American in canvas-covered boats to go to Vietnam and join the military, especially since Bush was elected.

In any event, we’ve got a good one and we’re keeping him.


  1. Heck, I’d be happy if several of our most outspoken celebrities got in ANYTHING and snuck into Vietnam. And stayed, instead of just giving a morale boost and coming back to their cushy little lives.

  2. The US keeps getting the cream of the crop from around the world. This story began in Vietnam, but no matter where it begins, we always get the best the world has to offer. Only the best make it to here. And yes, that includes Mexico. Toss out the welfare freeloaders and criminals, (and there certainly are a lot of them too) the Mexicans are self selecting only the most motivated workers to come here. The kind that build countries and civilizations. That said, I’m opposed to the current system of allowing the kind of invasion that’s occuring. That has to stop, or we’ll all drown in the flood.

  3. congrads to vincent. I took my oath of citizenship one day earlier, after arriving from peaceful New zealand in 1995. Its Good to be an american ! Now im registering to vote so I can help fend off the democrats next year.