Defense Tech on Excalibur

Sat-Guided Cannon Ready to Blast

Think of it as the howitzer’s answer to smart bombs.

This could be hitting the field within six months.


  1. Won’t this obviate the concept of even the large-platform B-52 JDAM systems in a lot of cases? If I can have an artillery brigade spread around a region, it seems that one of those units could drop a big boom on just about any square inch I want with a minute or so? Seems so much better than JDAMs if you have the time to deploy around a region.

  2. KTLA, if troops are calling in air strikes just because of accuracy then I suppose that can change, however there still remain plenty of reasons to use air strikes rather than artillery (when you’re out of range of artillery and especially when you need a very big boom). I doubt you’ll see this obsoleting anything although I suppose for lighter targets within range it may become the Weapon of Choice (cue Fatboy Slim music). As you point out you can scatter artillery batteries around but there will probably still be fighting somewhere that’s out of range… but as the Germans showed us during WW2, bombers are great but aren’t really a substitute for proper artillery.