Gandelman on DeLay

The DeLay Dilemma And The Successor Search

The Moderate Voice:

The Republicans have now come circle from those days when Newt Gingrich excitedly talked of an impending Republican Revolution that wouldn’t just be in terms of policy but in terms of political purity — a future with term limits, where the corrupt Democratic party order in the House would be overthrown and replaced by a more principled, honest, and ideological pure Republican era. Gingrich has since criticized Delay on ethics.

May we go out on a limb and venture that the GOP has fallen short of this goal?


On this and other issues, the GOP is facing a Moment of Truth: how to define its political soul. As the Chronicle reports, DeLay’s troubles could have an impact on campaign candidate recruitment and come amid debate over whether its wise to pursue changes in Social Security and whether the government should spend cazillions on Hurricane Katrina/Rita reconstruction.

The key battle — raging not just in the case of DeLay’s replacement, but in the case of Terry Schiavo, the selection of Supreme Court judges and others — is over the heart and soul of the GOP. Is it a big tent embracing various factions of Republicanism or a conservative tent where others are selectively allowed in? Is the conservative faction running the party? And is the dog wagging its tail or the tail wagging the dog?

I know I’m not the only Republican unhappy with the performance of most Republicans over the past decade or so. I mean, we all expect the Senate to be worthless in most cases, but the GOP has President, House, and Senate. And they still haven’t accomplished anything worth talking about.

At least I’m not bitter.

UPDATE: Incidentally, I don’t expect much to come from this investigation except a lot of press coverage.


  1. Power corrupts, Absolute Power corrupts absolutly Pride goeth before the fall The Republicans and the Democratics are a politcal parties. Their primary purpose is get elected. I do not believe in organized politcal parties–thats why i’m a democrat

  2. Power corrupts. Absolute power is kind of neat.’ – John Lehman, Secretary of the US Navy, 1981-1987