Effective October 1st: No Philippine Air Force

Philippines To Decommission Last Fighter Jet

Defense News:

The Philippines will decommission the last of its 40-year-old F-5 fighter jets, leaving the country without any aerial defense aircraft, an Air Force spokesman said Sept. 29.

Ceremonies for the decommissioning of the U.S.-made “Freedom Fighter” jets will be held at Basa Air Base on Oct. 1, marking the last use of these aircraft.

Only about five F-5s are still operational, Major Augusto dela Pena said.

With so many internal troubles, air defense against outside threats just isn’t a priority. So they’re going to try to use trainer jets as makeshift fighters. Good luck.


  1. Speaking of fighter jets, I got my copy of Falcon 4: Allied Force. Woohoo! I’ve wasted literally months playing the original Falcon 4, this promises to be lots of fun. It’s not quite what F-16 pilots would use to train, but it’s as close as one can get right now without joining the military, I think 🙂

  2. No worse than New Zealand. They decommissioned their Air Combat Force in 2001. It consisted of two squadrons (about 20) of tired A-4K Skyhawks and a similar number of Strikemasters. Interestingly, they have been on the market since that time, and only recently did the NZ Government find a buyer. After all sorts of promises about the big bucks they were going to get, it appears that most of what they sold for will actually go to the broker in commission fees.

  3. What happened to my beloved Philippine Airforce. The once mighty airforce in southeast asia is now the worst of its kind. Hoping any government officials of the Philippines do something about this.Cross our fingers

  4. My father is a retired AirFoce Pilot,retiring the F-5’s….that is the best decision the Air Force did….Money can be used to upgrade 0v-10’s ang Huey choppers…C-130’s…guess 4 yrs…from now we can acquire modern jets,,,,what we need now is potent internal defense Force.

  5. the phil air force should not settle for refurbished fighterjets. instead of buying squadrons of surplus jets, they should consider buying brand new jets for the safety of our pilots.

  6. i hope there would be enthusiasts to develop our own fighterjet technology to answerthe future call. you know, avoiding regrets. the world today is getting hotter!!!have the guts airforce and be independent to uncle. get mature

  7. it will take two years to train a filipino pilot and it will only take days to build a figherjet. so dont waste the lives of the filipino pilots, buy modern war planes and not put the budget for it for nothing.