More Template Upgrades

Okay, I fixed the “Remember Me” function in the comments section. Seems that it had something to do with me deleting the “Remember Me” script from the template, though not being a programmer I can’t say this with 100% certainty. Anyway, it should now work. Though you may need to re-enter your stuff the first time again.

Also, due to popular demand, the comment preview has been brought back. Actually, I thought I broke it, so I removed it until I could figure out what was wrong. But I just dropped the button back in there and now it works again. So preview away.

Please, if anything looks wrong or seems amiss, don’t hesitate to let me know.

UPGRADE: Okay, I’ve made a few more tweaks for high-DPI displays and for those at the other end of the spectrum viewing at 800×600. As far as I can tell both should be working now.

I also think I’ve fixed the problem with large unbroken text strings (and too-wide pictures) using overflow: hidden in CSS. I have two divs for my center column and apparently IE requires you to hide overflow in both of them while Firefox lets you get away with doing it on one only. Trial and error, I guess. Seems to work.


  1. If any Mac users would care to comment on the page, I’d appreciate it. I have no way to test it myself. And high DPI and/or 800×600 won’t always get tested right away, so if I break something give me a shout. I’m not really a web designer…I just play one on the internet.