Friday Linkzookery – 07 Oct 2005

Kiss those BCGs goodbye
The Army’s physical attractiveness just doubled. Tripled.

Details of a Collision in the Persian Gulf
The USS PHILADELPHIA, running on the surface at night, hit from behind by a Turkish freighter.

Quick summary of the reorgainized US Army
The “43 brigades from 33” plan, with a few details on what will be where.

Pacific Fleet commander: Sub threats top priority
I can’t shake the feeling that we’re a lot more vulnerable than we think we are.

Lockheed Martin Delivers 50th F/A-22 Raptor to the U.S. Air Force
Press release. According to this study noted at Strategy Page, we can now account for over 500 enemy Su-27s. And, when measured in theoretical combat vs. Su-27s, these 50 Raptors are worth over 630 F-15Cs in kills to losses. Now, despite the costs, I’m in favor of adopting at least some Raptors. But I don’t know that I’m buying these study results.

Biodefense Progress?
Armchair Generalist, who is personally knowledgeable in the field, on bioweapons sensors and an incident that I hadn’t heard about.

The Milblogger Book
This is going to be HUGELY IMPORTANT. Much more at Blackfive.

Download an essay on democracy in Vietnam, and get 5 years in prison
Maybe that’s why some people take their orders to go instead of eating in. And check out the comments section.

Expat Yank tries his hand at writing AP photo captions. If they don’t realize he’s being sarcastic, they’re going to offer him a job.

The Latest in French Fashion
If you come onto my property wearing this, you’ll probably leave it again alive. But you might not have all of your blood.

Shoes which avoid stepping on landmines
Could be handy.

U.S. Military Hardware in Korea ‘Dilapidated’
As the GI Korea Blog points out, this is pre-positioned stocks, not equipment in use. It’s still troubling, especially as we’re moving to relocate a lot of our troops in the US and will be more reliant on pre-positioned equipment more than ever.

Stryker Brigade Patrols Mosul, Iraq
1-17 INF photo essay at Defend America.

Fort Rich soldiers win praise in firefight
Two Stryker soldiers up for Bronze Star after a big firefight in September.

Paying teachers to vote

Must. Not. Laugh.

And you can’t Mention Bullets, Either!


  1. Yeah I think we need as many F-22’s as we can get. Also we need to make sure the Navy is ready in the pacific. Those two bits there should serve to indicate where the real threat to us comes from. China, in the pacific. We need sub’s, and air supioroity fighters. It urks me when someone says we don’t need f-22’s, unless that person wants to live under a sky of su-27’s we better have them.

  2. I think the F-22 is the most successful big budget military procurement for the US in a long time. Its predecessors are fine, for now, but will not remain that way forever and air dominance is an area in which having the second best is a LOT worse than having the best. Besides, the F-22’s engine is going to end up being very useful for other things I think (I believe it powers the F-35 as well).

  3. Shoes which avoid stepping on landmines’ It they work as well avoiding ‘DOG POOP’ I’ll take 3 pairs!

  4. Toejam : Depends on how rich your dog’s diet is in iron, nickel and/or cobalt I suppose. As a bonus, if they do work for avoiding dog poop and land mines, they should also work in the situation where someone develops a land mine which is camoflauged as dog poop…

  5. Dear Nicholas, I don’t own a dog so it wasn’t my dog I was referring to. Unfortunately, I live in an area where numerous dogs are allowed to roam at will because their owners are too lazy to take them out on a leash. In the cold weather the ‘AROMA’ isn’t detectable until you enter a warm house! Regarding ‘camoflauged as dog poop..’ Seems I read somewhere about ‘fake’ animal/human poop being used in Viet Nam to camoflauge listening/motion detecting devices on the Ho Chi Minh trail.

  6. Toejam : well, either you’ll have to develop a poop-detector (I’m sure it’s not too difficult, but making it small and cheap enough to fit six in each shoe would be very hard), or else petition your local pet food retailers to add lots of ferrous metal to their mix! I have a simpler solution though; what about tieing plastic bags around your shoes when you go out and taking them off when you get in? A bit of a hassle but should work 🙂 You’ll want to use the softer, more flexible plastic so it doesn’t make annoying crinkling sounds as you walk… I forgot to make a comment about that F-22 study. I think it slightly exaggerates the advantage, but not too much. I’d say a 4:1 ratio over the next best fighters could be reasonable. Its best attribute is the fact that it’s relatively hard to pick up on radar without sacrificing range and capability to do so. Being hard to spot (especially on radar) in an air-to-air engagement is a big bonus! BVR missiles don’t work very well without a good radar fix, and according to the F-22 pilots it’s just about the most maneuverable jet fighter ever, so it will do very well in a knife fight too. Supercruise is a pretty big advantage too. It means it can pick and choose its engagements without dumping half its fuel each time with afterburner. Hell, an F-22 can probably make an SU-27/30/33 run out of fuel just by turning around and running away at Mach 1.3. The Sukhoi will be burning fuel at a prodigious rate trying to catch up. Meanwhile the F-22 can drag it into a trap if it desires….