Only $10 million?

Serenity took in only ten million dollars on opening weekend. The budget is listed at $39 mil, which is about 50% more than I would have guessed. That is a formula that leads to no more Firefly movies or shows. Too bad.

I’m not a Firefly junkie, having never watched the show, but I did enjoy Serenity and recommend it to any and all sci-fi fans.


  1. Well, given the price of a movie ticket, I always wait till I can see it for half price on a Tuesday or a matinee anyway. Plus, something like this will make the $$ of DVD sales, big time. And it was the #2 movie for the week.

  2. Not to mention that it was #2 by a small margin against a big name like Jody Foster. And there are plenty of movies that didn’t make much thier opening weekend that made enough to justify a sequal over the course of thier run.

  3. It ain’t dead yet. The buzz is that most people are really enjoying it, and word-of-mouth can carry a movie pretty far. The studio said that if it gets close to $80 million, there will be a sequel. I’ll bet it gets $80 mil from DVD sales alone.

  4. Well, I agree completely that DVD sales are going to be a big chunk of the total for this film. It’s that way with everything, probably even more so with sci-fi, and almost certainly the case with this where there’s a core of rabid fans already in existence. If word-of-mouth is good, there’s a chance that things could pick up over the next couple of weekends, but it’s going to have to be pretty strong word-of-mouth from more than just the Firefly cult. That’s why I thought the blogger thing was a good idea, because of course Firefly fans are going to talk the film up. But to get ‘the masses’ you need more than just the Firefly nerds (no disrespect intended) and to get the big bucks you need ‘the masses’. To be honest I was really surprised to see the $39 mil budget on this…I had figured it was around $20-25 mil.

  5. Oh, and I was also pointing out to a friend who was bummed by the low box office that this might be a great vehicle to go straight to PPV/DVD and bypass theaters altogether. Right now that market is mostly for low-class stuff, but I think it’s going to become larger and larger and consist of better and better stuff over the coming years.