Violence and video games, pt. 2

KTLA comments on my post about the XBox game FSW that the Army hopes can help train squad leaders.

Maybe they can do an Xbox Live! version of the game, with al Qaeda being able to hook up from the other end. Then we can test our skills against theirs.

That reminds me of the classic Star Trek episode “A Taste of Armageddon.” In it, Capt. Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise come across a planet that’s been fighting a war against a neighbor planet via computer simulation – for 500 years. The computers work out the attacks and defenses, and when there are casualties, those calculated to have been killed are notified and they head for the nearest disintigration chamber. Then the Enterprise is calculated to be destroyed, and the natives order the crew to give themselves up. Of course, Kirk and company manage to put an end to the charade by violating the Prime Directive in new and creative ways.

KTLA also mentions

Of course, the Army would have to promise the “baddies” not to ask Microsoft to kindly tell them what IP address the ace “Osama Bin Fraggin” is connecting from…

which reminds me of my plan to find Saddam by offering to FedEx him my camcorder so he can stop relying only on audio tapes. Of course, the Army could log on to and track the shipment. Just a thought.