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Aren’t those buses? Which implies bus drivers laid off? In New Orleans?

That is so ironic on so many levels that I don’t even know where to begin.


  1. I’ll give you a clue, shelby. THROW THE BASTARDS OUT. Start with Rove, who did that whole ‘don’t help the lady governor of an opposite party ‘ thing. Then you got Brownie back at the horse farm where he belongs, so move on. Go all around the block until you get to everyone responsible. Then throw out that Bill by that guy named Barton who wants to let Coal Fired Energy plants pollute because Katrina needs to be dealt with – that is, go ahead and ditch the damn SUV and stop supporting these Texas oil boys. Murdoc, profits from Exxon were up a record whopping 7 billion to the all time record quarter of their corporate history – 2nd Quarter of 2005. The price of gas rose during that quarter, 65 cents a gallon. Profits rose 61 cents a gallon. Throw the bastards out.

  2. tb, While I am no fan of the Big Oil industries and friends, I think it would be fairer that before initiating a full broadsides, to wait for the quarterly reports, insurance reports, and of course, the end of the Hurricane season…still almost two months to go.

  3. The sad part is some of these people getting laid off may have actually been real employees. I guess this is a sad day for the cronies collecting the pay for ghost employees also. Did they ever find those missing cops and postal workers?

  4. Whew, I do believe ‘turnerBroadcasting’ doth possess a heavy, vengeful heart. Forgiveness is in order. After all, no one screwed up on purpose. Besides, wasn’t that ‘blame the oil companies’ scenario played out in Iraq a while ago and proven beyond a shadow of a Liberal’s oath to be a LIE?

  5. Don’t know how you can lay someone off that didn’thave to show up for work, anyway. Chill, tb. Get with the thread.