Friday Cat Blogging – F-14D Tomcat

I don’t generally run the same ‘Cat two weeks in a row while cat-blogging, but this is too good to miss. A naval aviator is photo-blogging the Final Cruise of the Tomcats and gives us this shot:


His entire collection of photos from the cruise (70 so far) is available on Flickr. Good stuff, and I hope he doesn’t mind I grabbed this one for today’s entry. This particular photo is from training back in July.

He’s also keeping Instapinch appraised of what’s been going on. Here’s a snippet:

During the night hop, we were directed to abandon our training mission and vectored to investigate a surface contact of interest. Apparently we had some info that a Chinese freighter may have been headed through the Med with a suspicious submarine onboard. We found the ship easily, made a low pass, and got some good IR footage clearly showing that it was carrying nothing of the sort. The Tomcat has the ability to transmit such footage via secure radio, so after a few fumblings in the back seat, I managed to get the images back to the intel dudes on the ship. By the time I was safely on deck, they had already used the shots to ID the exact ship, home port, etc., and had sent the shots back to the super spies back home. So you can all relax, the Greek Missile Crisis was narrowly averted tonight due to some very inept reconnoitering.

With the end of the Tomcat’s service looming, there will no doubt be many more F-14 entries in Cat Blogging during the coming months. Please bear with me.