So how many [Polish nationals] does it take to elect a government?

This from a reader:

I am appalled that you were bustin’ balls on the lack of Afghan election coverage in the media and yet you have the cahunas to blow off any coverage of this Sunday’s round 1 of Polish presidential elections!

Consider me slapped down and slapped down HARD.

I’ve been a bit of a fan of Poland for quite some time. Both the previous Communist-ish government and newly-elected Conservative-ish government more or less fully support the ongoing campaign in Iraq and the greater war against international terrorism.

As for what’s going on with the next phase, the presidential elections, I don’t have any clue. I think there are some twins running or something. That’s all I know. Let me go Google a bit.

[…some time later…]

Wow. There really are twin brothers involved in the election, the first round of which is on Sunday.

Here’s a BBC summary of what it considers to be the front-runners. Unless one candidate in the wide-open race collects more than 50% of the vote, the top two vote-getters will run against each other in the second round.

My critical reader is in Poland, though he just returned after a summer away and isn’t really up to speed with the current political mood. He tells me he may be able to provide a few tips assuming the race goes to round two, though.

Although I try not to be totally ignorant of international politics, I’ll totally admit that I’m not knowledgeable enough to comment with anything meaningful in most cases.

Meanwhile, with the exception of Spain one day after the Madrid bombings in 2004, it seems that support for the Iraq campaign hasn’t wavered a whole lot despite dire warnings of, well, just about every political doomsday scenario imaginable. I understand that a lot of people in a lot of places don’t support the mission in Iraq. But why do they keep losing elections?


  1. Whoever gets elected, I hope he pushes for visas for Poles to the US. Has Mexico supported the war or sent troops, yet around 8-10 million are here-WITHOUT VISAS!

  2. How many [Polish Nationals] does it take to elect a government?’ Wait, wait, I know this one… … the same number as it takes to fit a screen door to a submarine? An ejection seat to a helicopter? To dsign a solar-powered flashlight? (why we make fun of them I’ll never know; they were the ones who captured the Enigma machine intact which let the British crack the German codes – I believe they even did some of the code-breaking themselves)

  3. torcik: I’m with you on that. The new government has hinted that it would consider extending the deployment of Polish troops in Iraq, but only if the US made concessions of some sort or another. I’d guess that visas are a big part of what they’re talking about.