XM25 testing overseas

Been thin on X-weapon news for quite some time. Last week I noted once again the return of the M79 grenade launcher, and a discussion in the comments section led to the merits of “smart grenades”, magazine-fed launchers, and such.

Lo and behold, in today’s Strategy Page:

The XM-25 grenade launcher, which began field testing last May, is now being tested by American troops in Germany as well. So far, the troops have been very enthusiastic about the new weapon. Those who have served in Iraq, say the XM-25 would come in very handy there, because enemy gunmen often duck behind cars or other obstacles, and the XM-25 was designed to quickly get at people behind that kind of cover.

There’s more background info on the XM25 at the link, though nothing really new.

Unless the XM25 isn’t performing well, which doesn’t seem to be the case from what I’ve been able to gather, some should be sent to Iraq and Afghanistan as soon as possible for some real-world testing. It’s the only way to be sure.


  1. The information at the link was interesting. I was thinking it would need a few different operational modes, and there turn out to be four. I knew there had to be a ‘Window’ mode so that you can hit someone hiding behind something. You can’t use the laser range-finder on the space above/next to them so you have to get the range to the thing they’re hiding behind and add a couple of meters to it. The door mode sounds useful!

  2. While it is a far fetched idea, I have not seen any focus put on using the 25mm rounds in normal ‘hand-grenade’ style throwing. Considering these grenades have smart fuses, would it actually be that hard to make a small portable ‘fuser’? As majority of the grenades will be carried by other squad members due to their sheer weight, I would definitely appreciate seeing such a design aspect. I see this as a great way of increasing the versatility of an already great weapon. I do realise the limitations on the use of such a round, but why not give it another use? This would also allow other squad members to carry more rounds, as they could cut down on the number of hand grenades.

  3. Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet. While there was a demo of the XM25 in Germany in September, there is no ‘testing’ of the weapon going on there, let alone ‘field testing’ — which implies operational testing with troops — anywhere in the Army. What is going on is developmental — i.e., technical — testing of the weapon at Aberdeen. The system is in its early prototype stage, and is a long way from being ready for a ‘field test’. Heck, at the demo I saw it couldn’t fire more than one round at a time because the weapon was unable to eject the spent casing from the first round fired. Lots of potential, but not there yet.