Poland on Right track

Polish Candidates Headed for Runoff

Donald Tusk appears to have won the first round, but didn’t collect a majority and will face Warsaw Mayor Lech Kaczynski in a run-off on October 23rd for the top office in Poland.

The race in the formerly communist country centered on the Europe-wide issue of just how far to go in sacrificing welfare state protections for the promise of an economy with fewer social benefits but faster growth and job creation.

Tusk wants a 15 percent flat tax rate on personal and corporate earnings, while Kaczynski favors a greater role for the state in protecting the social safety net and promoting Roman Catholic values. He wants tax cuts, but would keep the system under which high earners pay more and would give deductions for big families.

I’ve gotta say that based on my limited understanding of the candidates and their specific stands on the issues, I don’t think there’s a loser to be had between these two.

Who would have thought someone running on a platform of “a few tax cuts and Catholic values” would practically be a “progressive” in today’s Europe?