Friday Linkzookery – 14 Oct 2005

Sign Language
Defense Tech on security posters.

U.S. Army’s Data-Mining Tool Gets Geosearch Module
Google the battlefield before the boots hit the ground

Empowering Women in Iraq
Securing womens’ rights is vital to freedom. And face it, guys. Women are the only thing keeping us from stepping off into the abyss. If successfully gained and protected, womens’ rights could have a greater impact on the Middle East than democracy and capitalism combined.

KRISS Super V Sub-Machine Gun
What do you get when you cross a car wash spray nozzle with a Thompson submachine gun?


Thoughts on Nalchik
Dan Darling on the recent events in Russia.

The Shrinking Demand for F-35s
Smart munitions and UAVs are lessening the need for front-line fighter aircraft. Like my dad who used to idolize men like the X-15 jocks and Mercury astronauts who had the “Right Stuff”, someday we’re going to look back on jet fighter pilots with a bit of romanticism while our kids and grandkids wonder why people even bothered doing that sort of thing.

Iraqi Security Forces Update
Bill Rogio on that lone Iraqi battalion capable of fighting…

Al-Assad says United States should re-examine Iraq policy
Even though Hussein has been cast down, the Iraqi people have “no better democracy” than they had before. I do not think that word means what he thinks it means…What are they voting for tomorrow? Choosing between wood chippers and hot coals?

Successor to Ma Deuce Field Tested
There’s been a dearth of X-Weapons info lately. Here’s a bit at Strategy Page on the XM307.

What? Legacy Media doesn’t report on the military in an honest manner? When did this start happening?