Potentially earth-shaking development

Iraqi Politicians Reach Deal on Amendments

A deal regarding the current Iraqi constitution and the process of adding amendments was reached with Sunni political leaders:

The agreement outlines four additions to the document in Saturday’s referendum that outline how future amendments will be made. The central addition allows the next parliament, which will be formed in Dec. 15 elections, to form the commission, which will have four months to consider changes to the constitution. The changes would be approved by the entire parliament, then a referendum would be held two months later.

This is the way things should work. Things are moving along, and they’re moving in the right direction even if it seems painfully slow. Getting a starting point that doesn’t totally alienate so many that it’s unworkable is the first step.

Meanwhile, MSNBC.com’s only Iraqi headline on the front page is As vote nears, Iraq bomber kills 30.


  1. As a matter or perspective, we didn’t have a workable constitution for most of a decade after winning independence, even without a domestic insurgency and ethnic divisions like we see in Iraq. It really bugs me that progress is reported constantly as slow. By most historical standards, this is dangerously fast.

  2. Despite the occasional story on ‘good things/developments’ in Iraq or the Stan……..the mainstream media just won’t give up on furthering an image of us ‘losing’ the war. Which I think many of them would be only too happy with, as it would be one more thing to take Bush and the Repubs to task with.

  3. buckethead, IIRC, MSNBC.com absolutely dwarfs CNN.com in news readership. I think MSNBC’s been on top by far for a couple of years now.