Major clashes in Russia

Gunbattles kill dozens in Russia’s Caucasus

MSNBC News Service:

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who came to power in 2000 by talking tough on Chechnya, stepped into the crisis, ordering his security forces to blockade the town of Nalchik, a city of 235,000, and kill any gunmen who put up resistance.

“The president gave an instruction that not one gunman should be allowed to leave the town, and those who are armed and putting up resistance must be wiped out,” Deputy Interior Minister Alexander Chekalin said after meeting Putin, Interfax news agency reported.

I’ve noted before that the Russians seem determined to fight the terrorists but don’t seem to have the ability to do so proficiently. Maybe in a year or two Iraq will send military assistance…

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  1. Pithy comments aside, the rebels in Chechnya, represent a danger that in my opinion is greater then Osama and his merry band. The rebels have demonstrated the ability and training necessary to occupy large town and cities – do long distance attacks behind enemy lines. All it takes is for the rebele to get serious and go after a nuclear facility. They have the means, motive, all it takes is the opportunity.