What can you even say about this?

Woman charged over attempt to steal fetus
Neighbor who allegedly cut open mom-to-be had bassinet, baby swing

File this under “Oh My God”:

The assault began Wednesday morning, when Conner hit Oskin several times with a bat, Andreassi said. Conner then put Oskin and Oskin’s 7-year-old son in her car, dropped the boy off at a family member’s house and drove the pregnant woman about 15 miles to a secluded area about 50 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, Andreassi said.

There, Conner cut Oskin about six to eight inches across her abdomen with a razor knife, authorities said.

“She was sliced over an old (Caesarean) scar and severely bleeding,” Trooper Jonathan Bayer said.

A 17-year-old boy on an ATV spotted Conner kneeling next to the pregnant woman on the ground, Bayer said. “The accused said they didn’t need any help and everything was OK,” he said.

Innocent until proven guilty. And if proven guilty? Get the book, and get someone with a good arm to throw it at her.



  1. My coblogger Johno’s wife is from that town. And five years ago, the same thing (but worse) happened in *his* home town. In the earlier one, the woman did kill the woman, and then committed suicide. Terrible mess. Link over at my site.