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U.S. nabs al-Qaida Web site producer

Silencing of dissent alert!:

The Web site run by al-Qaida in Iraq was strangely quiet during the referendum on the new Iraqi constitution. There were no threats against voters, no boasts of disrupting the vote.

And now we know one reason why. A top propaganda agent for al-Qaida in Iraq, known as Abu Dijana, was captured shortly before the vote, according to the U.S. military. Abu Dijana was responsible for much of what has appeared on the Web site called “al-Qaida in Iraq,” including provocative videos of suicide bombings and crucial communications to al-Qaida fighters.


  1. heh heh – that was his first Amendment Rights all right. You know, the right to publish bomb making and IED making instructions so that he and his clique can take over the Iraqi state and institute their repressive (oops I meant free and independent) Talibanate. There goes our liberties – right out the window. Damn. heh heh

  2. Correct me if I am wrong, but Iraq doesn’t have a first ammendment yet, does it? Kind of a moot point then, isn’t it?