“People don’t use nickels enough”

Mint unveils new nickel design

I’m trying to figure out if this is a serious story or not. It’s about the new designs for the back of the nickel, and it’s just plain bizarre. Here is some of the “news” quotes about this subject from Floridatoday.com:

  • Businesses and consumers said it’s good the nickel — the penny’s big brother and dime’s bulkier cousin — is getting a face-, er, tail-lift, because it is a highly undervalued and unappreciated member of the coin family.
  • “People don’t use nickels enough,” she said. “I think it’s because it’s just as easy to get five pennies out of your pocket. But, with a new nickel, everyone would want one. It was time for a change.”
  • Sandie Leonard routinely uses excess change — including nickels — to grab some handfuls of goodies at Candy Candy.
  • Nickels are a necessity at Candy Candy, said Kayte Van Dyne, the store’s assistant manager. She said so many people need change with their confections, she keeps an extra store of hard currency in the back. “That way, if we ever need more change, we can go to the back and get it,” she said. “People use change to buy candy all the time.”
  • On the new nickel, Van Dyne had to admit, “I think it’s cool,” but she had hoped the front of the coin was changed as well. “I am tired of seeing dead presidents on our money. I am over it,” Van Dyne said.
  • “They [nickels] are nice and fat,” she said, adding that pennies should be “done away with and dimes always fall because they are littler.”
  • Gary Overton, owner of The Coin Shop in Satellite Beach for the past 14 years, is not a fan of the nickel himself, saying, “It’s a waste to even have them. What are they good for?”
  • But he said new coins “enthuse collectors because we have the most-boring money in the world. Before, we had artistic money — Liberty with flowing hair. Now, it’s all politicians.”
  • Nickels weren’t always so scoffed at, said Kay Decker, a retiree living in West Melbourne.

(I just realized that I cut and pasted over half of the article.)

What kind of “news” is this? Is it me, or is this totally nuts? I mean, the nickel ” highly undervalued and unappreciated member of the coin family”? Undervalued?

Isn’t it still worth five cents?

It’s money folks. I’ve got nothing against the new design. But this is just the weirdest news story I’ve ever read.

Maybe it’s just me.

Compared to this, the Scrappleface story that tipped me off seems to be perfectly reasonable.