Kids these days…They blow up so fast

Professor of Death

TIME Magazine Exclusive:

“Daddy, I want to be a martyr. Can you get me an explosive belt?”

When Abu Qaqa al-Tamimi’s 9-year-old son asked for his help in becoming a suicide bomber, he was, to say the least, taken aback. “This is not what you expect to hear from a little boy,” says al-Tamimi, an Iraqi man in his late 40s with close-cropped hair and a thin beard lining a round face. “I didn’t know what to say.” The son had even come up with a proposed target. “There was an American checkpoint near his school, and he said, ‘They won’t suspect me because I’m a kid, so I can walk right up to them and explode the belt.'”

Like other Iraqi parents, al-Tamimi frets about the emotional toll on his child caused by the daily onslaught of suicide bombings.

Touching, no? Being a parent in these troubled times is fills one with such heartache.

“Too young”, the wise father responds. A Kodak moment for sure.

For the past 13 months, al-Tamimi has played a crucial, and murderous, role in the Iraqi insurgency: he is one of a small number of operatives who provide would-be suicide bombers with everything from safe houses to target information and explosives. Al-Tamimi says he also acts as a guardian, religious guide and all-around father figure in the final days of a bomber’s life. “Once a volunteer is placed in my care,” he says, “I am responsible for everything in his life until the time comes for him to end it.” Al-Tamimi is often the last person bombers talk to before their deadly mission.

My immediate thought while reading this is summed up by these comments left at Tim Blair:

#12. Would it be too much to hope that the Time writer sic’ed the Coalition troops onto this guy after filing his article?

#13. Yes. Next question.

I noted yesterday that sending their kids to fight US Marines wasn’t going to help the Sunnis establish a larger voting base.

And I thought I had troubles trying to decide what movies to let my kids watch. (via Joanne Jacobs)


  1. I don’t know how reporters can interview this sort of person with a clean concience without calling in an airstrike. I was sickened when I got this weeks time both by the artical and by the fact that it had been printed.

  2. Different strokes for different folks. Haven’t the (well educated?) Liberals figured out that the terrorists want to dominate the world. And they can only accomplish that by destroying anyone who is NOT an Islamic fundamentalist. The Lib. list includes Michael Moore, John Pilger, Jane Fonda and all the other idiot apologists who think by making ‘nice-nice’ with those poor people global peace, hugs and eternal brotherhood will reign supreme. WHATA BUNCH OF DOPES!

  3. Lets just pretend for one moment that this terrorist is not just fabricating a story to help the enemy abroad and the enemy at home with thier party line that we are making terrorist by killing terrorist and we will never win it it will go on for generatia blah blah blah. Now that we are entertaining this as real not propoganda lets see here A) why did’nt our neighborhood suicide handler sacrifice his own son to the ’cause’? B)These people are exactley the type of people we want to blow themselves up in Iraq. It is obvious that the boys father is a Radical who hates the west and his son has obviously (just as most young sons do with thier father) bit full hook line and sinker the elders propaganda and will be a threat in the future if not dealt with today. This isnt a newly formed terrorist this is just called culling the next crop early on before they spread thier hatred over thier peers and mulitply. This story is being used to justify the LLL aka home enemy that we are making terrorist by killing terrorist its hopless surrender now resistance is futile, however I would use this to make the exact opposite point that this father has already obviously brainwashed his son and his son would have passed that same on to his many peers through his life, our war has now taken the son out along with all of those peers that would have been brainwashed and influenced by him, hopefully his father will follow close behind. I wonder what our grandfathers would have done to a reporter that would have done a fluff peice on how our daily bombing raids over Germany were making more nazis and all of this being driven home by a interview with a SS stromtrooper officer and his story of his son being raised in the brainwashing nazi baby factory wanting to join the SS like pop (emagine that) so he can kill americans cough ‘jews, slobs, mongrels, gipsys, every other non SS trooper’. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm What the F+ck happened to this once great nation.

  4. Yeah, sadly, at the top of the ladder sits a man who, if the regime were toppled, would gain a lot of power/money. Exploitation of the young and innocent has always worked, look at the child soldiers in Africa. This is exactly the same… someone is in charge far up the ladder, and the children go and fight his battle. Kids have so much energy, and are easily brainwashed- damn, it sounds like the perfect recipe for cannon fodder; it is very sad the state they live in.

  5. Toejam: yeah, I doubt they have ever done basic math… let’s see, we kill more muslims than the Americans, we try not to approach the Americans, as they will eventually kill us for killing the muslims, the Americans kill the insurgents with an immensely superior kill ratio, Now, I do not see much positive numbers in favour of the Muslim population.