Print layout now working

At the bottom of the post in the individual archive pages (reached from the main page by clicking the timestamp down in the ‘posted by’ section) is a link called ‘Printer-Friendly’. This will give you a hardcopy-optimized version of the post for prints and grins.

It doesn’t seem to work in Firefox. I have no idea why not.

UPDATE: I tweaked it slightly. It still seems to have issues in Firefox when previewing and printing posts longer than one page, though it looks okay in the browser view. I’ll continue to tinker, though I doubt printer layouts will get a lot of use. What I’m saying is that it’s not real high on the priority list. If you’ve got suggestions, send ’em in, though. I’m sorta making this up as I go along…


  1. It’s working OK for me in Firefox 1.07 except that the title (h1) is too narrow, vertically, the top and bottom of it seem cut off. Other than that, it seems to do what I would expect.

  2. Mike: GAAHHH! Don’t remind me. I’ve never bothered to validate, but recently I’ve tried clearing up a few things. I’ve got a few more new things I want to get up, then I’m going to concentrate on validating and getting things into shape. That’s probably the bass-ackwards way to do it, but I’m not knowledgeable enough to do things the right way.

  3. That link works for me, using the Arachne DOS-based browser (nice and retro). These things give me most value on sites full of rubbish, e.g. from newspapers, since that gets left out, or sites where you have to scroll a lot left and right – but that’s no big deal on your site. They don’t work for Arachne if they require javascript (yours is OK).

  4. Thanks for the tip, P.M.. I hadn’t thought of DOS-based browsers and the like. Seems such a small slice of those online, but shouldn’t be ignored if a minor tweak can improve thing for them. Folks viewing at 800×600, also, seem to make up about 20% to 25% of my viewers, so that is why I generally limit images to 400-wide with my templates. At some point I’d like to include wider images on the main page, but I don’t want to screw over a fifth of my readership…

  5. Well, if you’re willing to use JavaScript, you can provide both. Something like this: <IMG SRC=’/images/plane_small.jpg’ ID=foo> … <SCRIPT LANGUAGE=’JavaScript’><!– if( screen.width >= 1024 )    document.getElementsByName(‘foo’).item(0).src = ‘/images/plane_big.jpg’; //–></SCRIPT> I do this to scale font sizes and such in some of my ‘web apps’ so that they work OK on lower resolution screens.