Friday Linkzookery – 21 Oct 2005

Weapons elevator contractor selected
Federal Equipment Co., of Cleveland, beat out Oldenburg Lakeshore Inc. of Iron Mountain, Mich. for this $50 million contract. It’s a permanent magnet linear synchronous motor-powered design, and is a key component of the goal to increase daily sorties by one-third over current carriers.

US CBO Gives OK to HULA Airships for Airlift
The Congressional Budget Office likes the Walrus. Check out the nifty pic of the Walrus and TSV at the link, and also see this post by Buckethead at the Ministry of Minor Perfidy on the Walrus.

Rambling Rebuilder
He’s helping with reconstruction work in the wake of Katrina. With some photos. Worth keeping an eye on.

Joseph Wilson says he hoped the Iraq Constitution would fail
Frank Warner has the report.

Former USS Greeneville commander blamed for collision with fishing boat
Sub’s commander deemed “largely responsible” for wrecking a Japanese boat and killing nine during an “emergency surfacing” drill.

Iraqi forces have conducted 1,000 post-election patrols without U.S. help
That one battalion must be exhausted

Icebound body may be airman from 1942
Possibly a victim from an AT-7 trainer crash in California.

U.S. helping Iraqi air force get off the ground
And you thought building a new Iraqi army was tough…

The ‘Memphis Belle’ arrives at Dayton
The last surviving crewman from the plane passed away a few weeks ago.

Customer requests may lead to 787 tweaks

And while they scramble to remain competitive in the commercial sector, they continue to work on a 777 tanker design. Any word on the Italian 767 tankers?

Does Al Qaeda exist?
Al Jazeera reports on a Pravda article which writes “Al Qaeda, a fake enemy created by the United States and its ally Britain, was produced for the sole purpose of using it as an excuse to invade and terrorize Arab and Middle East nations to swallow the world’s oil resources“. A-J and Pravda. What a team.

Freedom Journal Iraq on the referendum
Video from the Pentagon Channel

Suspected Somali militia leader arrested
Abdi Hassan Awale, also known as Abdi Qeybdiid, was a commander in warlord Farah Aidid’s militia

IFF always inoperative in OFF mode
Got this oldie but goodie from a reader. It was headlined “Quantas QANTAS Flight Reports”. I’ve seen it before as an “Air Force Squawk Sheet”. Not sure what Quantas QANTAS airliners would be doing with IFF systems. So that convinces me that this is a 100% accurate Air Force list.

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  1. QANTAS is the Queensland And Northern Territory Air Service. Since it’s an acronym, there’s no U. Sorry for being a pedant 🙂