Hurricane Wilma seen from space

A reader sends in the latest view of Hurricane Wilma:


I’ve got a Grandma Wilma and I’ve been trying to think up a good crack. But I’m afraid she’ll read it…

UPDATE: She used to chase us around with a broken-off yardstick when we got out of line. Which was quite often.

UPDATE 2: To spank us, not to spear us. She was tough but come on. Sheesh.


  1. snort. Murdoc, maybe you need to add some sort of registered user function so that people like me who are not abusing your precious comment system aren’t blocked when we try to put a link in, or comment to quickly on successive posts. That sounded meaner than I intended. The snort is aimed at the post, and I overdid the sarcasm. But really, something like that might be useful. On perfidy, I have that – but not much in the way of people commenting. (not much need, really.) But when you register, at least you don’t have to type in the word in the box thingy to get your comment in. Something like that, that would bypass the spam protection would be cool.