Who’s yer Blog-daddy?

Ace at the Politburo is putting together a blog family tree of sorts. He wants to know who you consider to be your blogfather, when you started blogging, and if you have any blog offspring.

Three different times in the late 1990s I started opinion-type efforts, two of them websites built using free space at my MSN account and once a weekly email. But it wasn’t until I discovered blogs that Murdoc found his calling. In March of 2003 I posted my first entry.

If I had to pick one site as my inspiration, it would be Steven Den Beste’s USS Clueless. Others that I consider to be my top-tier models are the Instapundit, Strategy Page, Defense Tech, and Sgt. Stryker. There were others, too. But these were the keys.

As for blogchildren, the only one I’m aware of is Sgt. Meengs, who is currently on hiatus.

Stop by the Politburo and let Ace know your lineage.


  1. I can’t speak for my blogtwin Johno at Perfidy, but Clueless is my daddy. I have been so very inspirational that I have spawned no blogchildren that I am aware of. We started smoking the blog in on 3/11 of ought three.

  2. Murdoc, I’m surprised that aside from the two of us, only two others claim Clueless as ‘ol dad. Considering the influence he had before his retirement, you’d think that number would be higher.