Plan ‘B’


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Andrew Sullivan has been a long-time believer in the “flypaper” theory that says we’d rather draw al-Qaeda (and other) terrorists and fighters into Iraq to fight our military than let them run at will across the globe hitting softer targets. Today he quotes a WaPo story about how al-Qaeda seems to be moving it’s operations into Iraq in order to attack our forces head-on. The story includes

“The monster is already near you,” said one Arab official who is familiar with the intelligence and who spoke on condition that he not be identified by name or nationality. “I don’t know if you can kill it.”

The official added: “Iraq is the new battleground. It is the perfect place. It will be the perfect place.”


“They are coming,” said an Arab official from a country that borders Iraq. “They are coming from everywhere.”

This is not new news. This is what a number of people have been saying all along. Sullivan notes

What Bush must tell us tonight is that the war in Iraq, far from having ended, is now entering its most critical phase. That’s why we need more troops, more resources and more focus. Now.

As I’ve said, I would like us to be a little more up front about what we’re up to. I don’t really know if the “flypaper” idea was the strategy all along, or if it’s plan ‘B’. I suspect that it’s the latter, but that’s beside the point.

We are still in the first phase. This is going to be a long, bloody, expensive war. I think it’s worth it.