5-14 CAV activated

New Cavalry to Assist Transformation of Stryker Brigade

Hawaii’s Stryker brigade, set to become operational in 2007, got its cavalry squadron, the 5th Squadron of the 14th Cavalry Regiment:

The 5th squadron is the first of its kind. There has never been a 5th Sqdn. with the 14th Cavalry Regiment in the 104 years of the regiment’s history.

The squadron will combine an intelligence asset that was only used before in the division headquarters, by using the abilities to maneuver “the lethality, protection and digitalcon activity,” said said Col. Stefan J. Banach, 2nd Brigade commander.

I’m curious why create a brand-new squadron when there are probably a lot of deactivated squadrons available. Wouldn’t that be the better way to do it?

Or does having all Stryker cav as part of the 14th Cavalry Regiment streamline the regimental HQ and so on? Since these squadrons are always deployed piecemeal with their brigades, I’m not sure how much upper-level structure there is to cavalry regiments.

Am I just an armchair 2nd Lieutenant speaking out of line?


  1. So far, all of the Cav squadrons in Stryker brigades have been 14th Regiment 3/2 ID has 1-14 CAV 1/25 ID has 2-14 CAV The Alaskans (I forget their designation) have, IIRC, 4-14 CAV The only exception to this is the 2nd Cav Regt, where are the squadrons are part of the same (2nd) regiment. When they say they created a new regiment, what they mean is they created a new unit where none existed before. With the first two brigade Cav Sqdns, they turned existing tank battalions, 1-32 and 1-33 AR, into cav. In Hawaii, 25th ID has no tank battalions to convert.

  2. It’s not a new regiment, it’s a new squadron in the 14th regiment. There’s never been a 5th squadron of the 14th regiment before. That’s what’s new. I’m just wondering why create a new squadron when there are probably lots of worthy de-activated squadrons waiting to ride again.

  3. 1-14 CAV was reactivated when 1-33 AR was reflagged. Why they made the rest of them part of the same regiment, I don’t know. Maybe it’s some oddball leftover of the old and now defunkt regimental affiliation system. Once upon a time, when troops PCS’ed, they move to another battalion/squadron of the same Regt, one based at another post. Since these are all Stryker units, it might make sense from that point of view. Now, if they wanted a wholly new regt, I’m suprised, in these politically correct times, that they didn’t choose the 11th Cav ‘Buffalo Soldiers’ From my understanding, the 11th has a distinguished history, one that the troops could be proud of without PC reasons. The commander of 1-14 when they re-flagged from 1-32 AR, LTC Pittard, was even black.