Al Franken – Weirder than I thought?


Michelle Malkin notes a totally bizarre advertisement (or something) for Al Franken’s latest book. I can’t view the video right now, but she’s got some screenshots. It just leaves me shaking my head.

With so many of the comedians on “their side”, you’d think there’d be a lot more good material coming out of the anti-Conservative camp. Why haven’t we seen it?

Maybe I’ve just missed it.


  1. I agree, except Al Franken seems to be a violent airhead, which is a good deal worse I think. Then again, I’ve had fits of rage, but I generally don’t attack strangers whom I disagree with.

  2. It’s funny in the same sick way all their humor is. There’s nothing that helps our side as much as seeing them as they really are. I hope it gets wide exposure amoung the undecideds.

  3. OY, buckethead, ‘Malkin is a hot chick, Franken is a pasty, dumpy, middle-aged nebbish.’ NEBBISH? I prefer to use the description: PUTZ!

  4. MO, I’ve been thinking the same for awhile. For a comedy writer, Franken just isn’t funny with this stuff. I’ve heard his show before, and it’s weak. Basically just countless refrains of ‘Bush lied’, or continual roundups of who’s lying. Not only unfunny, but unoriginal and uninteresting as well. Franken’s a creative man. I don’t understand why he doesn’t apply that creativity to his career in punditry, which apprently is very important to him.